Why Snapchat Is Succeeding Is Exactly Why Trump Won The Election


Ahead of what will be a monumental IPO, Snap (aka Snapchat) is doing a superb job of moving perception among media and “influencers” by making itself seem less and less like the overshadowing Big Blue Whale that is Facebook.  Sort of like the fun, cooler person at a party.  Sound, familiar? It’s like Facebook when showed up to Myspace’s party. Whether it is through communications, route to IPO or product moves, Snapchat is doing all the right things to appear differently to competitors.

The most recent example of this is ‘Spectacles’, this week were dolled out via cutesy vending machines in the west coast of the US to adoring crowds. Cute, simple and fashionable – if the product fails it won’t be because Snap botched it, it’ll be because people just didn’t want them.  The descriptors alone of both companies are telling. As Facebook get dragged over the coals for the recently much-maligned newsfeed, Snap is carefully manoeuvring as the lovable social network that can and does. Facebook is finding out with great powers comes great responsibility, Snap is finding out that when you’re “small” the best route is always to break and try new things.

The Reason Why Snapchat Is Succeeding Is Exactly Why Trump Won The ElectionNamely, understand and parrot back they understand how people are feeling. Other recent announcements show Snapchat is doubling down on WHY people share and communicate as much as WHAT and HOW. Facebook and others seem to be focusing on their pipes (cleaning, maintaining) whereas Snap want to make people love the pipes – a very different cause and much easier to achieve.

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