What Will Tom Price Do To Your Health? It Isn’t Pretty


The one thing PEOTUS has been consistent on is appointing people for his Cabinet with the least qualifications and greatest animosity towards the department they will be overseeing. Tom Price appears to be no exception.

As head of Health and Human Services, Price would be responsible for oversight of Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act.

Of note, like many of Trump’s other picks, Price has no experience running a large agency. But he does share the extremist views of Vice President-elect Mike Pence (and some other Cabinet appointees, like Ben Carson and Jeff Sessions) to repeal the Affordable Care Act as well as protections for women, the LGBT community and poor people. Here’s how Price (and Pence, the point man for the administration) will likely affect you.

Part 2 of my in-depth look at Tom Price’s serious conflicts of interest and ethical lapses is “Draining The Swamp? Not With Tom Price As Head Of Health.”

Price and health reform

An avowed opponent of ACA/Obamacare, Price, a congressman and retired orthopedic surgeon, had proposed a bill that would have allowed physicians to “balance bill” rather than accept Medicare rates for procedures. This is a euphemism for charging whatever you want and having the patient make up the difference, part of the cynically and misleadingly named “Patient Empowerment Act.” This and the “empowering” repeal of protections for women again demonstrates the triumvirate’s (Trump/Pence/Price) skill in gaslighting the public.

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