Two-headed sharks are not only real, they’re…


It sounds like the premise of a bad science-fiction movie or the plot of “Sharknado 5,” but it’s real. Two-headed sharks are actually a thing, and they’re apparently popping up more than ever, according to media reports.

Back in late October, the BBC reported that researchers had stumbled upon the world’s first recorded instance of an egg holding a two-headed shark embryo. Other sharks that give birth to live young have had instances of two-headed offspring in the past, the BBC said, but the image of this particular egg freaked people out, with some asking whether this was simply a hoax.

Apparently not. On Nov. 5, National Geographic published an article saying that not only do two-headed sharks really exist, there seem to be more and more instances of them on the record.

Most of these two-headed sharks are merely embryos or infants, because such fish are unlikely to survive long due to their genetic abnormalities. But there have been several instances since 2008, according to the Daily Mail.

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