Sexy Trump and Clinton Halloween Costumes This Year


Get ready to see these at every party this year.

It’s pretty easy to predict which Halloween costumes will be the most popular this year. Typically during a presidential election year, political costumes spike in popularity, so get ready to see lots of dudes wearing suits and red baseball caps as Donald Trump, and women in power pantsuits and blonde wigs as Hillary Clinton. And then, get ready to have your nightmares pre-programmed when you see people dressed as sexy versions of each presidential candidate.
Yandy, the place for every ridiculous/sexy Halloween costume from Sexy Olaf to Sexy Pizza Rat, has your political costume needs met this year. They actually already had a Trump costume, or, ahem, a Donna T. Rumpshaker costume, which sold out in Halloween 2015. This year, the Donna 2.0 includes a navy blue suit with a flag pin, plus a shirt that opens at the bust to reveal a red tie. The original version, which featured a closed shirt with short shorts instead of long pants, is also still available. The “Comb Over Politician” wig and the “Making America Great” hat are sold separately.

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