Kind-hearted biker who tries to return a driver’s wallet…


Kind-hearted biker who tries to return a driver’s wallet and cell he had left on top of his car is sworn at… so gets his revenge by SMASHING the phone

A motorcyclist got his revenge after spotting a motorist driving with his mobile phone and wallet on top of his car and trying to alert the driver, only to be sworn at.

Footage filmed by the biker shows him throwing the wallet into the man’s car but when he is insulted he reacts by throwing the mobile not into the vehicle but onto the road.

In the video, the driver pulls out of a petrol station onto a road and his wallet flies off the roof.

The biker, riding behind him, stops to retrieve it and then tries to catch up with the motorist to return the wallet.

As he speeds up next to the motorist he hoots his horn, but the driver tries to pull clear of him.

The driver, seemingly alarmed by the biker’s behaviour, then swears at him before finally coming to a stop on the side of the road.

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