I want a Microsoft Surface Studio monitor


Microsoft’s beautiful Surface Studio is a PC that’s much more than an all-in-one. While you can do all the regular PC things you’d expect from a Windows PC, it’s really the screen that makes it different from a regular computer. It’s a screen that folds down to transform the PC into a drawing board, designed for stylus, touch, and new Dial input. It’s unlike any regular all-in-one PC we’ve seen before, but I want to turn any laptop into a Surface Studio.

As speculation mounted over Microsoft’s PC plans, I hoped that the company was planning to create a super monitor with the skills of the Surface Studio, and a powerful graphics card inside that would work with any laptop. I even speculated that Microsoft could go this route, but ultimately the company decided a full all-in-one PC was the better choice. That’s not stopping me wanting a Surface Studio monitor.

I’ve been using a Surface Book with the official Surface Dock and two external monitors for the past six months, and DPI issues aside it feels like I’m just using a regular desktop PC. The Surface Book is powerful enough for my needs, and it handles 24-inch and 27-inch monitors just fine. The only thing it doesn’t handle fine is PC games. I’ve tried Microsoft’s latest Forza or Gears of War releases on the Surface Book, and even the discrete GPU doesn’t really help me reach reliable frame rates. That’s fine and expected as this isn’t a gaming laptop, but it could be a real gaming PC if Microsoft wanted.
I want a Microsoft Surface Studio monitorMicrosoft has a good opportunity to really sell a Surface Studio monitor to existing Surface owners who have opted for a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Studio, but also want to turn their devices into a full desktop PC at home or work. A powerful GPU in the base of a potential Surface Studio monitor would transform a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book into a gaming machine by just attaching the single dock cable, and Microsoft could provide regular connectors for other laptops.

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