‘Hollyweed’ Sign Prankster Makes $68k Off Merch In 24 Hours


The guy who put the 420 twist on the Hollywood sign is now seeing a different kind of green by charging an arm and a leg for merch inspired by his prank.

As we previously reported, Zach Fernandez, who goes by the tag “Jesushands,” turned himself into LAPD last week for making the iconic Hollywood sign read “Hollyweed.” Sunday night he launched an online shop and within the first 24 hours it’s already made about $68k!!!

There are only 5 items, but they don’t come cheap. Average cost for a “Hollyweed” sweatshirt is about $150, while a t-shirt costs $100. Zach’s also selling 100 signed and numbered photos of his handiwork … at $1k a pop.

Zach’s rep tells us he’s also receiving 4-figure offers to speak at art events.

As for what he’ll do with the money, we’re guessing some of it will help with legal fees.

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