Holly Willoughby meets man with the world’s biggest P….S


TODAY’S episode of This Morning featured an interview with a man who claimed to have the world’s biggest penis.

In a throwback Thursday clip from 2012 we met Jonah Falcon, whose manhood caused quite a stir.

The average penis is 3-4 inches when flaccid but Jonah’s penis is nine inches.

Phillip Schofield did a demonstration of the penis sizes (don’t worry, they were plastic) to compare Jonah’s to the average man’s privates.

The clip finished and the hosts were seen giggling back in the studio.

“I’m looking at you the whole time like ‘Carry on, do your little demo’,” Holly giggled.

Phil explained that should someone claim to have a world record in something to get on the show, they have to prove it.

“One of our news team had to go into his dressing room with a tape measure,” he revealed.

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