14 types of travel everyone should experience once


Your idea of travel perfection might be a week on the beach with the beaming sun and ample mojitos. I like to live in different countries and travel solo to chilly destinations. When we think about travel, our definitions can vary wildly.

I think that one of the best parts about travel is sampling a little bit of everything. Each time we travel we redefine our definition of what fuels our wanderlust, and if that definition constantly changes, all the better.

Here are fourteen types of journey for the well-rounded traveller. It’s never too late to tick another off the list, and remember, you can’t knock it until you try it.

1. Solo travel

You don’t need to consult anyone else to make plans, and you can go to that obscure place you’ve always wanted to visit. If you haven’t yet travelled alone, this is the first experience you should try. More and more people are setting off on solo trips – join them.

2. Travel with family

The beginning of your career as lifelong adventurer may well have been with your family. At any age, travel with our families can help us form an idea of what we want – and don’t want – out of travel. Do you want more freedom, or do you enjoy the structure of a family trip?

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